Guest Post on Small Bathroom Design Inspiration

September 26, 2011

Hi, I'm Susi, a writer for Design Shuffle, a fabulous social media site that promotes interior designers and their work from around the world. Frances of 400 Square Feet was nice enough to invite me and Design Shuffle to come visit this week to guest blog about small bathroom interior designs. So I'm sharing tips and tricks on how to turn these closet size rooms into well designed jewel boxes. I hope you enjoy these small but stylish bathrooms.

  Storage Shelf Design

 Storage is key in a small bathroom. Building in storage shelves between studs or creating shelves around the tub adds more storage to a tiny footprint.

  Dark Bathroom Design

 Dark walls, like really dark navy or black, will recede and make a small bathroom feel larger. White matted artwork and gold accents stand out more against the dark walls.

  Tiled Bathroom Design

 A trick to make a small bathroom feel bigger is to carry the shower tile along the walls. This gets rid of the visual break between shower and the rest of the room. Glass enclosures and shower doors help too.

  Bathroom Design

Along with patterned wallpaper, add some big design statements, like an ornate mirror or chandelier, to make small bathroom designs feel like a jewel boxes instead of closets.

  Wallpaper Bathroom Design

 Tiny bathrooms and powder rooms are perfect places to go bold with a wallpaper or paint color. Hang artwork to add interest.

 Striped Bathroom Design

 Carry color onto the ceiling. Adding stripes to the ceiling draw the eye to the vertical space of a small room. Bold vertical stripes can work in a small space.

  Bathroom Design

 A vanity with an open base feels visually lighter in a tight space. Adding mirrors opens up the room and reflects light. Both are clever bathroom design ideas.

  Pattern Bathroom Design

 If wallpaper seems like too much of a commitment or you are a renter, add bold pattern and color in a stylish shower curtain. Love this one! [ Images 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 ] This content was made possible by Design Shuffle, a network of talented Los Angeles interior designers to New York interior designers who upload their work to serve as inspiration to design enthusiasts.

Rock the Rock Star Vibe

September 21, 2011

Mick has done it again.  In his new band's first video, he rocks a pink suit and striped tie that steals the show.   Every room needs a little touch of Mick. Something that's irreverent, a bit wacky and maybe even ugly. So ugly that it's cute... kinda like Mr. Chicken Dance himself.   Don't take my word for it; check him out!

And here's a front door that has the same spunk. 

Another singer with moxie in spades is Mr. Marshall Mathers.  

And here's a room that has his same all white palette and modern beat.

Another steal scener who sure keeps her costume designer busy is Lady Gaga.  I love her platinum to sassy citron hair color and pink touches.  

And here's a take on that same color combo. 

Live large, 


For the Love of Ikea

September 19, 2011

Have you gotten it yet?  The 2012 catalog arrived the other day and found a renewed place on top of my limited sqare footage resource list.  Small space dwellers rejoice!  On the catalog, it sums up my decorating mantra.  "A home doesn't need to be big, just smart." Amen to that.

Ikea breaks it down into a few key ideas that maximize every inch for us. Here they are:

Idea #1)  Get more storage & counter space in the kitchen with their efficient kitchen islands.

Idea #2) Use your vertical space when looking for more room like lofting bunk beds for additional space below. 

Idea #3) Put your walls to work with hanging shelves, hooks, cabinets etc.

Idea #5) Look for pieces that have multiple uses and don't take up as much room like 2 chaises instead of 1 sofa in the middle of a room.  

Idea #6) Dream big!  Want that proper closet in your bedroom?  Bet they can make it happen so you don't always have to forgo those nesting dreams just because the space is small. 

Check out all their smart ideas at 

Best line in the catalog-"With foldable, flexible, stackable, movable and climb-up-on-the-topable furniture, a small room can transform into whatever you need it to be."

Live large, 


Power of Pink

September 15, 2011

Tonight's sunset was really tops. Pink filled the sky, basking the city in its hue.  The funny thing about pink is that it sits just as well beside chocolate brown as it does white.  If I could only have one color, that be it.  

Here's  5 pink thinks that are just great. 

Pick up some sassy pink desktop tools for the home office from Poppin

Layer this lovely blanket on your bed for a cozy fall look. Serena and Lily

This pink and white striped cotton dhurrie is like sunshine in a bottle.   Madeline Weinrib

Leave it to J. Crew to have the classic pink cashmere sweater that every gal needs in her closet.  

Serve dinner with pink napkins and make your guests smile.  Sue Fisher King

Live large, 

Pack in a Picnic

September 13, 2011

Picnics days outside may be waning but carpet picnics inside can happen all year long.  There's just something fun about plopping on the ground and serving up yummy foods and forgetting about tables + which fork to use. That doesn't fly with picnics where it's all about finger foods and easy conversations.

Check out this Urban Picnic Box. It comes with biodegradable trays, cups, flatware + napkins for 4 folks in a cool "boom box" circa 1983 all for $25. 

Be the coolest kid in the park... or the tailgate or your apartment when you pull this out when friends come over for dinner. 

There it is... a party in a box on the move.  Maybe it's heading over to your house?

Live large, 



September 12, 2011

Lulu Frost has been a favorite designer since she had the SMARTS to take the iconic Plaza's room numbers and letters and turned them into necklaces.  Shoot! I went to that sale... (when Plaza unloaded their goods before getting it's zillion dollar renovation) and should have picked up a few.  Now everyone can wear a bit of the Plaza.

J. Crew has now partnered up with her, selling art deco inspired bangles for a mere $45 a pop.  

Lulu isn't the only one that takes visual inspiration from hotels.  More and more, folks are creating their own interiors based on their dream holiday places. Some design savvy hotels have wised up and now offer their bedding, toiletries and even their furniture for sale along with mini bar selections and the ubiquitous white robe.  

Live large, 


September 11, 2011

It's hard to believe that a decade has passed since this scary, sad time. 

Live with gratefulness, 


Random Fashion Week Feed

September 10, 2011

Fashion week opened with a bang this week in NYC with Anna Wintour's Fashion Night Out giving gals (and some boys) the excuse to sport killer heels and unleash their latest fall finery.  From downtown to uptown, stores extended their hours and turned up the dance music in efforts to open everyone's wallets.  While FNO's may now be global movement, to me it's just a super fun night out.

The fashion big wigs gave Valentino an award from The Couture Council in NYC for his amazing work.   From the two documentaries on him, I've been inspired by the amazing interiors he's created along his fashions.
(pic from NY Times)

Yves St. Laurent made me smile with this number. It looks like something that Myrna Loy would've worn in her  1930's Thin Man Series with William Powell.

Inspired by the spirit blazing through the city that happens twice a year, couldn't help but think about the loss of Alexander McQueen.  Here's an over the top rug he created for The Rug Company that is truly an heirloom.   It's called Hummingbird and it's got a permanent place on my "must get" list.

Another fashion trailblazer who has crossed well into the home market is Vivenne Westwood.  Check out her Magnolia rug from The Rug Company.   Being from the South, this rug hits a pleasant place for me but it's also just a really great rug. 

All this fashion talk and inspiration has gotten me thinking, well where would I put new dudes anyway? After all, the closet is already bulging.  Ikea has the answer.  A easy to put together and move around clothes rack for $44. 

Live large (and well clothed), 


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