September 12, 2011

Lulu Frost has been a favorite designer since she had the SMARTS to take the iconic Plaza's room numbers and letters and turned them into necklaces.  Shoot! I went to that sale... (when Plaza unloaded their goods before getting it's zillion dollar renovation) and should have picked up a few.  Now everyone can wear a bit of the Plaza.

J. Crew has now partnered up with her, selling art deco inspired bangles for a mere $45 a pop.  

Lulu isn't the only one that takes visual inspiration from hotels.  More and more, folks are creating their own interiors based on their dream holiday places. Some design savvy hotels have wised up and now offer their bedding, toiletries and even their furniture for sale along with mini bar selections and the ubiquitous white robe.  

Live large, 


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