Rock the Rock Star Vibe

September 21, 2011

Mick has done it again.  In his new band's first video, he rocks a pink suit and striped tie that steals the show.   Every room needs a little touch of Mick. Something that's irreverent, a bit wacky and maybe even ugly. So ugly that it's cute... kinda like Mr. Chicken Dance himself.   Don't take my word for it; check him out!

And here's a front door that has the same spunk. 

Another singer with moxie in spades is Mr. Marshall Mathers.  

And here's a room that has his same all white palette and modern beat.

Another steal scener who sure keeps her costume designer busy is Lady Gaga.  I love her platinum to sassy citron hair color and pink touches.  

And here's a take on that same color combo. 

Live large, 



jen jafarzadeh said...

You are a rockstar! Just saw you on the HGTV special. Love it! Hope to see you soon miss amazing style director!

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