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September 10, 2011

Fashion week opened with a bang this week in NYC with Anna Wintour's Fashion Night Out giving gals (and some boys) the excuse to sport killer heels and unleash their latest fall finery.  From downtown to uptown, stores extended their hours and turned up the dance music in efforts to open everyone's wallets.  While FNO's may now be global movement, to me it's just a super fun night out.

The fashion big wigs gave Valentino an award from The Couture Council in NYC for his amazing work.   From the two documentaries on him, I've been inspired by the amazing interiors he's created along his fashions.
(pic from NY Times)

Yves St. Laurent made me smile with this number. It looks like something that Myrna Loy would've worn in her  1930's Thin Man Series with William Powell.

Inspired by the spirit blazing through the city that happens twice a year, couldn't help but think about the loss of Alexander McQueen.  Here's an over the top rug he created for The Rug Company that is truly an heirloom.   It's called Hummingbird and it's got a permanent place on my "must get" list.

Another fashion trailblazer who has crossed well into the home market is Vivenne Westwood.  Check out her Magnolia rug from The Rug Company.   Being from the South, this rug hits a pleasant place for me but it's also just a really great rug. 

All this fashion talk and inspiration has gotten me thinking, well where would I put new dudes anyway? After all, the closet is already bulging.  Ikea has the answer.  A easy to put together and move around clothes rack for $44. 

Live large (and well clothed), 



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