Garage Heaven

August 16, 2011

Annie Selke, owner of Dash & Albert (the BEST rug company) and Pine Cone Hill (bedding turned lifestyle company), is one of those people who make things happen. She gets design for real people and is a woman who appreciates order.  We got to see Annie's sense of style in her monthly column last year in House Beautiful magazine when bought then renovated a house following a divorce which meant down sizing slightly and reordering her life.  Of the 12 columns, my very favorite was her two car garage that also acts as her entrance. It's fun yet orderly and made me smile. Who wouldn't want to drive into this every day?

It gives ideas for small space dwellers too like keep design in unexpected places (aka closets and nooks) and bring in color to add some sizzle, especially darker spaces.   Annie has a book coming out in two weeks so if you like this (and her companies) consider pre-ordering a copy on Amazon. 

Live large, 


Ps Annie, hug the dogs for me!


Kristen C. said...


Thank you for posting a great example of how to design a room that is rarely considered for designing. It is great inspiration and encourages outside the box thinking. Please continue to post ideas such as this. Great job!

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