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August 15, 2011

The time has come.  The bills are stacked and life's to do's have piled up so time to take care of personal business but it's so much more fun to do that in a space that's fresh and inspirational.  Trying to create such a zone in my small abode, I turned a closet into a TINY home office and tried to make it fun by painting it pink, putting up meaningful memorabilia and jazzy office supplies but it's gotten old so I'm looking for new take on how others set up their home office.  Here's a few that caught my fancy.

Bigger in square footage than the others, this one has the room to spread out but I do think the floral shades and hits of burnt orange feel fresh.  Love the black painted bamboo chair. 

Another room that uses beige to great success is this room. Same feel but obviously lot smaller space.  Works well, I think....

It seems the kitchen is the new hub of the family so it makes sense to have one in the kitchen if your space allows.   Love how the desk has a hit of chevron to give a design statement even if only on the drawers. 

OK this picture has made it's rounds on the blog world but it's exactly the sort of office set up that I have... a converted office right off the bedroom. Love the glam factor & sense of order.  

The West Elm Parson's table keeps me in order now so I liked seeing how another home office sets theirs up.  I like the color palette but wonder where she keeps her office supplies. 

Gosh, to have a whole room.... I like this set up too and the pale green is nice though I'd need a better chair. 

There's the IKEA desk that shows up in most dorm rooms. Love the red legs and hit of wallpaper.  The   clock decal on the back of the door offers some humor which is always helpful when writing bills. 

Thanks to The Office Stylist who was my best resource for real people inspiration. 

Live large, 



The Smiths in NYC said...

we need some organizational inspiration

sarah said...

Hooray, just in time! I'm dreaming up my home office right now and can not wait to have my own little creative space. Now, could I dream up that I had a big enough budget to hire you to design it? :)

Everyone needs a little Frances touch in their home and their world.

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