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January 10, 2013

Every so often, a gal wants to host a proper dinner party with a long table and the works.  My pinterest board has tons of those dreamy dinner party with lots of lit candles and a table that goes on and on and on... right out my 400 square feet into the hallway, down the elevator and out to 15th St. So the dream continued until I blogged about Eddie Ross's clever use of the Goliath table at Resource Furniture in my last blog.  Well, if that same table didn't show up in Life Edited. Isn't it genius?

All you Mariah Careys in the shower, take note.  Kohler's new shower head, Moxie, has built in speakers so you can pipe in your favorite playlist or house music so get ready to bring down the house. 

Another resource that's caught my eye recently is Simplicity Sofas.   They make sofas in a range of styles + fabrics made for smaller abodes. 

Friends are always asking about getting someone to help them tweak their apartments but they don't want to go all out with a big name. Now my go-to recommendation is Home Polish

Here's a good before/after they did... 

And another... 

 I HEART their blog too.  

Head over to One King's Lane to shop the sale of California Home + Design's small space, big style showhouse.  There's a few things left but it ends in a day so HURRY....

Live large, 


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