Doing Good: Aid to Artists

January 11, 2013

Have you noticed in so many of the coolest retailers this past year like Anthropologie to Serena & Lily had adorable paper mache animals?  And you don't want just one, you want them ALL!  Funny enough, it was an updated look to the whole taxidermy trend that's been around the last few years and this opened the door for folks who wanted the look without an actual dead deer staring at them at night. (I should know. I have one.)

Aid-to-Artisans connects artists with new markets and markets to new artists.  They also trains artists to make all sorts of cool things so the artist learns a new craft while making an income.  Check out their store for the latest and greatest.  Today, I was at the Land of Nod Spring Preview and they have several exclusive looks for their catalog in the next few months. Isn't he cute??

Live large, 



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