Inspirational Round up

January 9, 2013

With the annual January clean up, I'm inching to find some new inspirations for the new year.  Whether it's a new color, fabric or look, I'm on the prowl.  Here are a few things that have gotten my creative juices flowin' lately.  Send yours! xo 

Inspiration 1:  Get my furniture to work hard for me.  
From the delightful designer Eddie Ross,  a chic foyer table that doubles as a dining room table.   Read the story here
Source: Lonny Magazine
Inspiration 2:  Pinterest Boards of Mrs. French.  
If she doesn't make you want to fully redecorate, then nothing will. 

Inspiration #3:   A Note to Self tumblr page.  
Covers so many cool things and in the most perfect way.   

Inspiration #4:  Downton Abby Season Premier. 
Nothing more needs to be said. Did you know that Downton Abby is FOUR TIMES the size of Central Park.  INSANE.  But the visual candy is too good to miss. And don't get me started on the amazing wedding... The sets are stunning. If you don't watch it, try it.  Sundays at 9pm on PBS. 

Inspiration #5:  Paperwhites
The scent greets me at the door and they look good in any room.  Leave it to nature to add some sparkle. 

Inspiration #6:  BRIKA
Like a well curated Etsy, this little site is getting me excited (again) for handmade finds.  Get inspired by the designers and their cool stuff.  I promise, you'll find something worth pulling out the plastic for.... 

Live large, 


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