Holiday Card Connudrum

January 7, 2013

The tree is chucked, thank you notes written and Fa la la Lifetime's "12 Days of Christmas" has ended. It's full steam ahead into 2013 with new goals, a bit more zeal and life in NYC is fairly  "deholidayed"except for one thing. The (wonderful) Christmas cards remain.  What's a gal to do?    Are you a tosser -someone who reads and immediately tosses?  Or you a saver-someone who boxes up and stores? Well, you can't be one of those in our tiny spaces.   I love getting pictures from friends and family to see fun (and sometimes funny) pictures and updates and don't like throwing them out so quickly.   My solution this year was to put in a good old Paul Revere bowl on the "coffee table meets dining room table meets office desk" lack table.  Here are a few other ideas if you found yourself in the same boat.  And no, none of them involve your refrigerator which is the good old standby. 

Create wall art!  

C Magazine

Check out Sophia Coppola's apartment in C Magazine.  More is More so LOAD them up.   Hit an office supply store like Staples and get the largest bulletin board they have then have fun layering all your favorite pictures from 2012 including those holiday cards. 

                                        Frame the favorites!

Ikea sells super cheap frames that you can pick up for a song then add to your gallery wall a few of the season's best cards.  Don't have a gallery wall? Start one... 


Tilly Cottage

Get a modern light fixture like this and hang special letters, notes and cards from Christmas and the whole year!

Tuck'em into a pretty mirror or painting!

Domino Magazine

Live large, 


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