Paint, Fabric, Skype (?) -It's the latest decorating tool.

October 3, 2012

Skype hosted an event in rainy NYC yesterday showing all the ways creative types use to further their cause. Like everyone else, I'd used it to call friends but hadn't really thought beyond that and perhaps interviewing the summer interns.  While I could see the use for it with conference calls, it was filed away in my brain as a tool like a wrench, used every once in a while.

But the event gave me pause and got me thinking of how I could better utilize this tool as a freelance editor/consultant.  

There was Pamela Love having a weekly conference call with her team.  Ok we're all seen this application but I loved how she could create an agenda that they can all see.  Love meetings with order + a plan!

That was followed up by the lovely (and fellow North Carolina native) Mary Helen Bowers, founder of Ballet Beautiful.   She showed how she uses Skype to train clients so unlike a DVD, she can lead them in excercises and interact to encourage or correct should the client need it.  (If I could look like her, I'd be willing to try!) She trained Natalie Portman for her role in Black Swan so she's the real deal.  

Then makeup artist, Pati Dubroff, gave great tips on how to look your best on-camera.  My favorite take-aways:  Keep the camera eye level so no weird under eye shadows. For me, that means bringing my laptop up on a stack of books.   Go easy on the makeup as all the colors are saturated (hold the red lipstick for something else).  Get lots of warm, natural light, if possible around you but not overhead to help you look your best.  

Afterwards we headed to the kitchen where the uber cool chef, Christina Tosi from Momofuku Milk Bar, was "there" via Skype giving us cooking lessons.  Now, I've been known to lug my computer into the kitchen to get the skinny on how to chop some weird vegetable or learn some new cooking technique, but now I can Skype a chef (or Mom would also work) to find out if I am really doing the dish right. 

The event was hosted by the lovely Pippa Lord from Sous Style whose own site is now one of my daily reads. 

Thanks, Skype! I can't wait to try out these applications in real life.  For a client who needs a place styled, I can take a "tour" with her.  Or I can show inspirations for a shoot like wallpaper swatches or props to a client.   I can show tastemakers in my life my gallery wall and get their take on it.  I can show a design partner in San Francisco a product that I want to design.  Can't you see the uses in your life?  Off to Skype....

Live large, 


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