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October 3, 2012

Like one of those Austin Powers movies, I've returned to blogging from (almost) a year off with an outdated haircut and clothes from long ago (well, 2011).    Who was it that said life happens when you are off planning?  A long trip to Africa set in motion a much needed break then it was a busy job that kept me in lock down but in August I took the leap and left that gig to pursue some new opportunities.  It's exciting to be back like a kid's first day at summer camp.  What a difference a year makes though.... Twitter still raging, pinterest (my fave) emerged and took off, tumblr (can anyone do this as well as Beyonce??) and Facebook went public and sorta bombed (definitely did not see that coming way back in 2011).  I'm sure there is some other social platform that I can't think of that every first grader is already doing every day.....

But one trend that seems to be EVERYWHERE is living well in small spaces.     

Ikea started the year off by devoting their entire 2012 catalog to small space living. 

House Beautiful has their annual July/August issue devoted to small spaces which is always chocked full of loveliness. 

California Home + Design magazine this month is hosting a design showhouse featuring tons of ideas for small dwellings from 8 top designers.  Take a tour now & get ready to be inspired.  

And a FUN, new You Tube channel called SpacesTV features (some shockingly) small spaces. Check out this  300 square foot apartment owned by a photographer in NYC and how she made it cool. 

Living in 400 square feet myself serves as my incubator for decorating ideas that's constantly evolving.  It's my biggest inspiration for blogging and encouraging others to give it a try. 

Want see more?  Check out my small space board on Pinterest for daily inspiration.  If I am not answering calls, you know that I am lost in pinterestland.....

So come back. I'll make it worth your time. 

Live large, 


Michelle James said...

Hi Frances!
I am a Southern Expat as well! :) Thanks for featuring my apartment!
The Rabbit Hole!

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