Laundry Night

May 3, 2011

It's laundry night and I am dreaming of a proper laundry room while running from my apartment to the basement to a room full of bad washing machines and one folding table.  I dream of organic cleaners and proper surfaces to fold things. Here's one that has got me weak kneed....

It's not about the energy star appliances for me (though, they are great) but the actual set up.  Things on my must have list...

That allows me to hang up things when I need to while not hogging good space when I don't.   

2.  Folding ironing board,  $24.99
It's just impossible to iron without a board and man, have I tried.  This little number is the little black dress of the laundry room, a true stand by. 

3.  Laundry baskets, $24.99
From sorting colors and white ... to sorting things that need to be ironed ... baskets are indispensable to any laundry room. 

4.  Adjustable Garmet Rack,  $24.99
For those longer items that need some hanging room.

Live large and with clean clothes, 



Brett O'Brien said...

Francis! This blog is so much fun--I'd have to say laundry is the most horrifying part of my walk-up and I fantisize about what I could remove in my apartment and replace with a washer and dryer (I am seriously considering that maybe my bathtub and/or entire kitchen are expendible)

Hope all's well!

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