French Dreams

May 5, 2011

It's almost Memorial Day and no plans are in the works. Dreaming of southern France but not sure how to get there.  The dream is fueled by reading Kathryn Ireland's latest book, Summers in France, on her house there. 

(Seriously, who wouldn't want to summer here? Isn't this the perfect shade of blue??)

 Be forewarned: Only read if you want to be Really Jealous. This lady's house is pretty perfect. The Interior Designer to the stars manages to make comfortable interiors with a real appreciation for home. No rooms are roped off and no worries about spillage.  Here's a picture of some of her textiles to give you a hint of her style. Love the colors and patterns.  

Kathryn is now sharing her talents on Bravo's latest show so check her out. 

If you need a guest over Memorial Day weekend, Kathryn, I'm ready to go....

Live large, 



The Smiths in NYC said...

i have been reading all the mormon blogs and so many have to do with french living, i am into it. i told jake to find us a little country church outside of paris.

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