Small Hotel Rooms

May 2, 2011

What's the smallest hotel room you've ever stayed in?  This past week, I stayed at the uber cool, Drake Hotel, in Toronto. The room was a mere 150 square feet. 

 My apartment felt like a mansion afterwards but it was a good reminder how good design isn't prohibitive to big rooms.  Hotels can give smart ideas on design for limited footage.  
It got me thinking about small rooms at hotels. Here's my round up:

Citizen M hotel has rooms that are 14 square meters packed full of coolness.  But you have to hit Amsterdam or Glasgow to check in. 

The Netherlands boasts the world's smallest hotel, Grand Hotel de Kromme Raake.  This former grocery store turned one room hotel sports a tiny spot for travelers to spend the night. 

In June 2011, the Yotel is opening in NYC after running a successful hotel near Heathrow in London.   All the rooms are under 200 square feet so your luggage just may be bigger than the room. 

In Germany, you can park it at the Das Park Pipe Hotel where the rooms run as small as a tent.  Dog not included. 

Live large, 


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