Wallpaper roundup

October 7, 2010

The white walls are getting to me.   I'm dreaming of papers to make this apartment sing. The only problem is committing to one. Like a brunette going platinum blond, wallpaper immediately adds a little something something.  It's just that I don't want to get tired of the something something the day after, right?  And I tend to go for wallpaper that roars rather than wimpers.  Here are some vendors to bookmark if you are shopping for such yourself.   These are the ones keeping me up at night.

Farrow and Ball have sick papers.  That's Rachel Zoe speak for super great.  I vote it one of England's greatest exports.  Their paint is pretty stunning too.  How I wouldn't love to walk in and be greeted by this oversized print every single day?

But I want it in this colorway. As my friend Mimi says, Go Big or Go Home.  Pretty much sums this one up.

Another favorite site is LA based Walnut Wallpapers.  Be forewarned. She makes it so easy to shop that you'll be buying rolls before you know it!

While I am getting over the geometric crazy David Hicks started then exploded by  Jonathan Adler, this one hit my fancy. It's strong and arresting and feels like 7th floor of Bergdorf Goodman,  always a happy place.

Clearly, the bold and beautiful have taken front row at my wallpaper run through.  Here's one that I'd love to put in the bathroom or closet; somewhere it'd be a happy surprise.   I wonder what the super of the building would say if I papered the laundry room in this?

This one that makes me want to break out Earth, Wind & Fire and hot pants.   How fun would this be in a living room or bar.... It's neutrals with swagger.  

Another off the beaten path is this site which deals only in 70s wallpaper.  It actually reminds me of Norma Shears dressing room in The Women. 

One of New York's secret finds has just luanched online so the rest of the coutnry can get in on the secret.  Check out their florals which they are especially known for.  

But my alter ego who resides at Chatworth and only wears heels insists that de Gournay wallpaper make an appearance during this round up so here you. 

Live large (and well papered),


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