Those little touches

October 11, 2010

Like the saying, "God is in the details",   a well decorated home or well executed party has those little touches you remember.  It's not the big picture stuff (good architecture and furniture layout flow) but those little things that things that stand out.

One example of this are cool house numbers.  Even something as urbane as street or apartment numbering is an opportunity to show some style.  As an apartment dweller who can't change hers (dang co-op board), I'm in serious envy for those who can.   Design within Reach has Neutra House Numbers which adorned mid-century buildings Mr. Neutra designed.   (And they are on sale at DWR semi-annual sale so great time to pick some up).  These are definitely the cool kids in class.  

Leave it to Restoration Hardware who covers four different styles in different finishes that are wallet friendly. I  liked the name of this one "Sassy House Numbers" and at $10 each, they are a bargain.  

Another off the radar resource is West On Letters. They have 41 styles to choose from so all you font lovers can go crazy! I found the Rolffe style intriguing. 

Rejuvenation also carries a few options and this bold number was my fav:

Live large, 



Ryan Kay said...

I agree, my fav are the bottom numbers too :)

Frances said...

Thanks, Ryan!

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