Kitchen Miracles

October 14, 2010

I hit Williams-Sonoma and Sur La Table the way some girls hit the shoe salon.  The beautiful bakeware and serving platters, the Japanese knives and cast iron molds call out to me, begging to come home.  Unfortunately, my tiny kitchen is starting to resemble an episodes off Hoarders so I've had to resist, until now that is.

Enter awarding winning, smart design experts Joseph Joseph, a genius company who reinvents or elevates those needed kitchen supplies like preparation bowls into a space saving miracles.    

Check out the goods:

Nesting Bowls,  $30

Hands on bowl,   $40

Folding Colander,  $20

Chop2pot,  $15

Rinse & Chop,  $15

Fold flat grater,  $20  (How genius is this!) 

Happy choppin'!!
Live large, 


mrs. kosh said...

Love the nesting bowls and measuring cups. Would buy if I didn't already have 2 sets of measuring cups and too many bowls! Great wedding gift idea for a new bride (who is new to the kitchen!). Love reading your thoughts!

Frances said...

Love the new bride gift ideas, Mrs K! Thanks for writing in!

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