October 4, 2010

After a perfect Sunday that lived up to the quote, "There are four perfect days in NYC and they all fall in October," it all fell apart and they day was full of sideways rain and grumpy people.  To make it all a bit better, candles do the quick trick.  Here are three that are really great and here's why:

Tatine is one of those small operations where each candle is poured by hand in Chicago by the owner.  I love the simple yet modern jars (made of 40% recycled materials) and the scents are lovely too.

Check out Tatine Candles for her gorgeous fragrance list. 

Another fav is from Further.  They have a simple candle and they have one poured into tin cans.  What's great about these is they've partnered with Mario Batali and Nancy Silverstein, taking all the grease from their delicious restaurant  in LA, Mozza and turn it into a clean smelling candle. Some of those eco friendly candles and get too fussy-weird colors, packaging etc so the simpleness of this works.  

Further Products are new and only going to get better. Remember them. 

This candle goes the other way. No eco message here and clearly, it's not a simple look but it still works.  Mor products remind me of a vintage cocktail dress with fantastic packaging.  Check out their whole line.  It's girly at its greatness.  

Live large,


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