Topiaries to die for

August 11, 2010

Seems I'm stuck at the front door these days but perhaps because mine is sooooo "NYC condo board that requires all 532 doors in the building to be the same terrible shade of tan" that I am obsessed with how people spruce up their doors and the area in front of it.  Homeowners do all sorts of things to improve curb appeal but none seem so controversial as topiaries which are about as polarizing as Fox TV.   I will go on record as saying that if done well, I like them.  I worked for an Editor in Chief who HATED them so it was a bit awkward when we hired this TV stylist-to-stars to style a living room makeover and he used them.  It didn't go over well back at the office.  The boss almost pulled the story.

That said, I find them like book ends that focus the eye.  They also give the home's exterior a bit of personality.   Whether through the flora used or the vessels, it adds a bit of flair.  (OK screaming stylists who totally disagree. Stay with me.)   Of course, they can be "done ugly" but so can just about anything as decorating goes.  

Check these non-obtrusive versions.  They add a bit but don't "say" too much.  I'd consider these training wheels into the world of topiaries.

Now, these ubiquitous potted numbers were all over London.  You couldn't swing a pint without hitting a door with one, in fact.  This tailored yet chic door decor is like a Hermes bag. Hard to argue with a classic. 

But to really make the case, check this out.   This is a private home in Kensington (probably some footballer's home).  The topiaries go up to almost the second floor, absolutely gigantic.  What guts it takes to do this... And how much do I want to be invited to dinner?

Now, if the symmetrical or architecture gets to you, consider putting up something like this...Just one mind you... Picture taken at the really great shop, Dayles Ford Organic in too-chic-to-be-true, Belgravia.

Let me know how it turns out...

Live large, 


Henley on the Horn said...

I'm hiding behind my topiary! I love this post and had no idea some stylists hate them! I have hated palladian windows every since my mama said she thinks they're overused and tacky!

Julie @ CalleLillyCafe said...

I LOVE topiaries & I'm not afraid to admit it! =)

Just found your blog via FabK on Twitter!

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