Delightful Doors

August 2, 2010

Besides afternoon tea and Cotswold countryside, my London obsession was their doors.  They have great doors.  In fact, I found myself jostling to snap pictures of random doorways, spotting other tourists doing the same.  I dream of the day that I can paint my door.  Sadly, I live in a co-op board who gets their panties in a wad if anyone does anything decorative (especially if it's attractive) to their door. For now, mine is painted the same "mudslide" brown as the other 400 plus apartments.   Sigh.

As most stylist/editors, I see a paint job as the quickest way to change a room.  So painting just a single door-preferably the front door- offers a dramatic change for 30 minutes of work.   Paint it seasonally or with your signature color, a front door is a blank canvas dying for some personality.

Here's a few I loved... let me know if you paint yours and I'll run a picture of it!

I stumbled upon this fantastic door in the tiny Castle Combe village, voted "Prettiest town in UK."  Well, I vote this prettiest door in UK (the gorgeous climbing vine doesn't hurt either) but isn't this color beautiful? The rest of the home is limestone so this is the single source of color.  "Brilliant!"

Very subtle periwinkle door stands out among a row of white brownstones. Elegant!

What I loved about this color is it was on a rather nondescript brownstone in London that needed a bit of upkeeping.  Yet, that color is strong and welcoming and adds a certain punch.

Sensing a trend, are you?  Yes, my mind was on blues I guess but this teal really caught my eye. It's feminine without being pink and is a more unusual choice as most doors seemed to be black, white or red.


Live large, 


Mary Jane said...

Charming and inviting. Last spring I painted my door lime green, it really cheered things up!

Henley on the Horn said...

That periwinkle door needs to be mine! Love this post!

Fontaine Maury said...

I love the bright yellow, high gloss doors in London! So peppy for a serious-ish city.

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