Nothing new and everything new

August 10, 2010

My mother quotes that a lot when she's out shopping and sees how things cycle in and out of style like bell bottoms and chintz.  At the ICFF show this spring, I was surprised to see a modern take on an old design.   O & G Studio showed a New England classic Windsor chair in bright, fun paint treatments.

The backstory:  The Windsor Chair first made it to the States in 1726 by the Gov of Pennsylvania.  British chairs were always kept natural but American versions were typically painted with milk paint.  There are seven styles within the Windsor family. You'd be hard pressed to enter any New England home and not find one of these bad boys.

So you can imagine my surprise to find such a classic at New York's most modern and forward thinking furniture show.   This is the place that offers a home to Phillip Stark designs.  Not the place to find antiques.

However, the Windsor looked fine surrounded by the plastic balls and mirror wall treatments.  In their press kit, they show how well the silver treatment bodes in an organic interior.  Can't you see this in some hyper chic hotel lobby or restaurant? I can.  The tag line of O & G Studio is also worth sharing.  

"Modern home furnishings with an old soul"  

I like that.

Live large, 


Haile McCollum said...

Those were my absolute favorite thing at ICFF this year and the designer was so nice - of course I stopped to chat!

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