Shelf love

July 16, 2010

I'm heading out on a trip (woohoo) and I have a terrible habit of wanting to put full order to my life before I fly. It's compulsive and happens every trip.  It's at moments like these that I want to sit down and organize a lifetime supply of pictures in a journal and alphabetize my books and buy a financial program like Quickbooks to start, with five hours left before I take off.  My big pull today is how I've overstocked my bookshelves.  They are pulling double duty as "keeper of decorative bits" like my beloved sterling silver collection, books (too many books) and vanity things (perfumes, mini frames, jewelry).  While the last two shelves keep my work life in some sense of order.  It's like "party" up top and "all business" down below.
It's just too much.

So I got business roaming around on the web looking for cool shelving and found this at the lovely Jayson Home & Garden. (Chicago people, ya'll sure are lucky to have this shop!)

This intrigues me. I like that I can change up the shape and that it adds textures. It doesn't really go with my decor but it's something to remember.

Have a happy weekend!

Live large,


Henley on the Horn said...

I totally understand. I like to leave home with a completely clean house, clean sheets on the beds, etc. I pay all of our bills, write letters, write in journals to the children, and leave notes for those left behind. It is exhausting to leave, isn't it?! Now you must share what fabulous place you are visiting, what you are going to do,etc.

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