July 15, 2010

Last week, a few friends pop over last minute.  It was my favorite kind of night.  Planned hours before it happend with things served out of the pantry and refrigerator.  The friends didn't know each other well so I know conversation would be interesting.  Some delightfully chilled prosecco was served and I whipped up some proscuitto wrapped in melon (though mine is never as pretty as in the cookbooks).  Lite FM's Michael Buble was on in the background.  It was a swell night.

Candles blown out and bottle recycled, it was time to do the dishes.   Dish washing detergient has to work extra hard these days with the on slaught of 12 hour lipstick that won't come off despite nuclear war.  It's always a battle to clean those flutes, with their elongated shape.  Voile! My new favorite housekeeping tool  saves the day!

Check out these cool Wine Glass Sponges, $9.95 for set

Action Shot... 

Bring on more bubbly!

Live large,


Mary Jane said...

Sounds like the perfect summer evening!!

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