July 14, 2010

Sunday I sat on the train heading back to Grand Central beside a work friend who looked unbelievably beautiful.   She had just returned from three weeks in the south of Frances and literally glowed from it.  (It was her honeymoon so that might have been something about the glow too.)  When sharing about her trip, she said her main take away was to really make an effort to live a more beautiful life.  To make picnics and go on them. To buy flowers for her home more.  To cook seasonally based foods and really take the time to enjoy them (no more eating in front of the TV).   That's the joy of it.  It's all fairly inexpensive things but when done, really make you feel incredible.  Wasn't it Coco herself who said there were people who were rich and there were people who were wealthy?

So in honor of that thought and celebrating how folks in south of France just know how to live well (OK, and it's Bastille Day too), here's my favorite recent pictures from the uber cool street photographer, The Sartorialist.  Isn't this great?  Catches the spirit of celebrating simple pleasures.

Live large,



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