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July 13, 2010

Still suffering from "ohh I wanna go travel-a-virus", I'm on the prowl for things inspired by wanderlust.  These hang tags are my pick of the day.  These 4 x 9 cards come with a 100% recycled envelope and 9 design options.  They are $4 per card. 

Aren't they great??  Here are my five favorite ways to use these:

1.  As note cards (duh, I know) but they are charming and would fun on your recipient's refrigerator.
2.  As a gift tag... got a friend moving to Paris? How cute would this be on a bottle of champagne
3.  As an invitation... OK, so they are a bit pricey to do for a crowd but for a small dinner party, they immediately set the tone. 
4.  As a luggage tag on the ubiquitous black roller suitcase.  An improvement over the homemade pompoms made by grandmothers all over.  
5.  As wall art... collect a bunch and hang them strategically on a wall. 

Live large,


clara said...

hi frances, i use them as christmas tree decorations...i glue family photos on them and hang them on the tree...everyone loves finding their picture! laurel in ashland

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