Nothing nicer than nautical

July 19, 2010

I am a beach girl.  Some people love the mountains and swear by how fun skiing is.  I just don't see the point.  So anything nautical gets my attention. This is my own personal "fleet week" with five days devoted to seashells and all things nautical.   Enjoy!

Seashells are one of life's perfect things.  They look great on a bookcase as a decorative object.  They can be used to hold things. (My conch holds cotton swabs.)  I picked these up on the North Fork, visiting a friend. They made perfect salt cellars.  

I also had a dinner party and used them to serve crab casserole. So easy and fun!  (Going in oven to cook)

Jack and Lulu, a fantastic stationery company, knows nautical. They live in one of the cutest towns, Rowayton, Ct. and always have something stylist up their sleeve.  Check out their new Whistle Bag that comes with .. yes... .a whistle.  At $75, you can get this and not have to sell the boat.  

ADORABLE!  Watch the ships ahead...

Live large, 


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