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July 7, 2010

At Christmas, I received a lovely book by a dear friend's wife, Stephanie Congdon Barnes, who photographed one image every day for a year.  They live in famously creative Portland, raising a family and making their way in the world.  The book is called 3191: Evenings and is a celebration of their life.  Evenings is actually a follow up book to her first book: Mornings: 3191 Miles Apart.  She made this book with Marie Alexandra Vettese after they"met" online through blogs in 2005 then eventually started posting one image a day taken between 5-10 pm to a shared blog.  Stephanie in Portland and Marie in Maine and without conversation between them, shared one picture a day of their life.  Stephanie describes her photographs in the introduction as "unforced".   It's a book that slows you down.    Both are keepers.

Check out Stephanie's sites to see what this interesting gal is up to:

and her partner in creative crime, Marie Alexandra Vettese:

Live large,


ps.  Nancy Soriano and Jo Packam have put together a cool craft event,, coming up in September.  Check it out !  


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