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July 6, 2010

A friend over the course of the weekend, wanted to know my favorite resources for home decor shopping.  She's just gotten an apartment and now needs to fill it with cool yet affordable finds.   Scouring the market is fun for me but time and time again, I end up at these resources for my own home.

Insert drum roll now...Here are my current favs:

#5:  Serena and Lily-
This company started out as a children's room decor site. Perfect for new moms picking out crib sheets. No longer!  They have terrific furniture and accessories (I especially love their headboards) with interesting fabrics not seen everywhere.

#4:  Urban Outfitters-
No longer just a retail store for middle class kids who want to look like they hunted for vintage but didn't, they actually have great price points for some interesting things like their industrial metal bookcase at $128 (with free shipping) that would run $300 and up anywhere else.

#3:  Anthropologie-
Not a surprise, it's got cool finds but at higher prices than sister site urbanoutfitters.com.  I especially love their bedding, lamps and chairs.

#2:  West Elm.  They offer such great design at affordable prices and have killer sales.  I know ... I know.. it's a no-brainer really but honestly, they usually have the solution.

#1  My local flea
I just don't like a home without something vintage or antique in it.  I find it adds personality and prevents the "I just bought the whole room off the shelf" feeling.    It's those curiosities and objects that fill a bookcase, add interest to a coffee table and lend a room some soul.  (Yard sales also fill the niche. Try yardsalemapper app to find the ones near you.)

Hope this helps!

Live large,

ps.  A shout out to House Beautiful whose July/August issue is "Is small the NEW BIG?" I vote yes.

For you dwellers who live in or appreciate small spaces done well, it's a terrific issue to pick up.  
I mentioned it before but Apartment Therapy's book on great small spaces is also terrific and full of ideas.  


Henley on the Horn said...

I hope Small is the NEW BIG since Florida real estate was so expensive! I love it!

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