Summer Magic

The other night my sister left me a voicemail saying, "It's been a very good night at the Parker house; catching fireflies, jumping on the trampolene and a few shots of tequilla."   It got me thinking about the real joys of summer and how fleeting they are. Bundled up in my air conditioned apartment in the city, this self described "beach nut" needs to get with the summer program and shut of the computer.  Now the temperatures finally dipping under 90 (or 100 for that matter),  it's time to embrace those seasonal pleasures. 

Here's my list of things to do before Fall:

watch a rooftop or backyard film
buy ice cream from the ice cream truck
jump into a cold lake
sit outside watching the sun set
buy lemonade from kids
drink Arnold Palmers
camp on a sleeping porch
enjoy gardens in any form
serve farm to table suppers
make simple arrangements in mason jars
create mint simple syrup 
go on a roadtrip

So much of living well isn't about having a huge house, private plan and full passport.  Coco Channel said it best, "There are people who have money and people who are rich."  

Live large (for the memories and pictures) will be with you forever, 


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