Mad Men Fever

July 9, 2010

Maybe it's too many tube tops and skinny jeans on the hot (and hostile) streets these days, but I am anxiously waiting for Mad Men's return, July 25.  Maybe it's the time, maybe it's the attractive cast, whatever it is, it's addictive.  One side effect of watching the show is I tend to dress in my dresses and heels the next day.  It inspires me to look like a lady, whether I actually feel like it or not.  I grew up in a household with a mother whose believe in wearing a slip is second only to her belief in the Republican Party.  In fact, my mother is a member of a group called "Real Pearls and Silver" based on the mantra that "your hair color can be fake and your bosom can be fake but your pearls and silver must always be real."  No joke.  Seems very Mad Men, doesn't it?

I do think, like Joan, she was on to something. There does seem to be some feminine power when I doll up.  My doormen grabs the door and the cab might actually come to a complete stop.

Anyway, catch this fashion teaser from the costume designer showing us where she's taking the characters through clothes.  It's very very interesting.

Spoiler: Dan's clothes are getting darker, like his character. hum........

Live large (and occasionally in heels & pearls),



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