Visit to the Queen City

June 28, 2010

Last week, I was shooting two stories for Southern Living with the fabulous, Alexandra Rowley.   While I grew up down the road (OK, more like three hours down a major interstate), I hadn't been to Charlotte in years and was quite pleasantly surprised by how great it was.  Here's my hit list of favs:

Fav store to gawk at (because one gets the impression the recession somehow by passed this city):  Capitol

Fav dinner spot:  Good Food

Fav local dive:  Penguin (it is the definition of beer & burger joint). Of course, they don't have a website (I'd look down on it a bit if they did as any self-respecting, true joint just shouldn't) but here's a did a great write up and captures it well.

Fav find:  fried chicken at Price's Chicken Coop
* This place should come with a warning label "If you eat this food, you will NOT be able to zip your pants."  See the fryers hard at work.

End Result.  

Fav streets to cruise through:
Myers Park -Hermitage Rd, Harvard Pl, Edgehill, Sherwood between Queens West and Queens
Eastover-Eastover Rd between Cherokee and Museum Dr.

Fav home stores:
Mrs. Howards who opened last August the Charlotte location from the eponymous store in Jacksonville, Fl.  They did an incredible store renovation.  See following pictures:

Store's exterior

Each room is so well done you don't want to buy anything least you mess the whole look up. 

Wood paneled room. 

Easy on the eyes, any modern day Southern Belle would be happy here. 

Gorgeous bedroom. 

Honorable mentions for kind service and well, a bit more affordable finds:

Circa (amazing staff + loads of chic stuff)
Interiors Marketplace (if you hit it on Tues + Fridays, they have an adorable farmer's market with flowers & homemade treats. All proceeds go to Urban Ministries. Well done, Charlotte!

Back in NYC so more on living well in space spaces.  (Though getting AWAY from my small space is one way to live well in it.)

Live large,


Martel said...


Can't wait to go back to Charlotte and explore your recs!!!

Your website rock! I always look forward to your next post!


Froulala said...

WOW! you hit many of my must go to places! sounds like my guide when friends come visit me in Charlotte! Next time you're in town, please let me know.

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