How's it swingin'?

June 16, 2010

I am obsessed with French Beach Chairs.  Sometimes called swing chairs or deck chairs, they make my heart flutter.  They immediately take me to South of France or some fabulous yacht or dreamy backyard. I own two that I keep on a hook on the wall behind my clothes in the closet.  Once or twice a year, I take them out and haul them to the park for day of sunning.

$69 (on sale) Pier 1 stores nationwide
Truly a great value.

* My favorite. It's the classic design, at a can't miss price.  

Gorgeous fabric selections, these are scene stealers in any backyard. 

Made of teak and built to last, it's hard to argue with the beauty of handcrafted furniture. 

Live large, 


Henley on the Horn said...

Let's pull 2 of these out and hit the FL coast before it's too late!

CRICKET said...

Love them. I grew up with these, I can almost smell the old, mildew scent!

Haile McCollum said...

Oooh! Just bought the Qul Object ones - 2! I've been needing a roaming add on chair or 2!

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