Pull up a chair

June 29, 2010

It's true. In my tiny apartment, I am obsessed with seating.  It's not just that I like chairs (and I really do like chairs) but I like the idea of seating nooks for friends to chat when over.  In fact, I squeeze in seven chairs and one 72" sofa in the size of most people's dog house.  Chairs add personality without the commitment of a sofa or larger piece.  I've written about chairs before here so you might have already caught on to this love affair.

This season, I am obsessed with the new outdoor chair by Wisteria.  It's a bit retro and modern, all at the same time. I love that it's made for the outdoors yet would be fine inside as well.   I could see this around a rustic farm table in a Hamptons beach house or on an all white front porch of a midcentury Bungalow.    

Like paint, chairs can easily transfer a room without too much fuss.

Live large,


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