The magic of red, white and blue

June 30, 2010

Certain colors are just classics and always make sense together with red, white and blue topping the list. Ralph Lauren has made a fabulous career showcasing American lifestyle.  Tommy Hilfiger is another designer who has elevated the look to mass appeal.  What's All American style anyway?? Is it the beefcakes in the Abercrombie & Fitch clothing lounging by surfboards? Or is it the East Coast waspy house full of antique flags and needlepoint pillows.  Or is it the Western inspired log cabins in Aspen with leather chairs and wide plank floors.  Whatever it is, we know it when we see it.   The next few days I'm going to share images of what I think it is.  If entertaining a new design style,  celebrating Americana is not a bad road to take.

Note: All these photos came from but the photographer isn't listed so I can't provide credit.

Live large, 


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