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July 1, 2010

Some think it's outdated and grandma. Others find it classic and comforting.  I'd fall into the later camp. There's something about Old Glory and her hues that make for a happy room. Here are three different takes on ways to play out that color combo.

Take #1:  From Architecture Digest magazine, it's the classic lake house decor featuring Adirondack camp style.  The most country of the three photographs, its casualness is its appeal.

Look #2:  This is the most traditional take on the classic color combo and comes from (no surprise) House Beautiful Magazine.  Its button up style plays up the punchy red and partners it with a paler take on blue and white. This is a clean take on the American color story. 

Look #3:  This modern version of red, white and blue ran in also in House Beautiful. It turns the color story on its ear and adds a twist.  I especially love the pattern kilm mixed with the stripes.  This fresh decor shows the color combo more rust than red and a greener blue than navy. 

Live large, 


sarah said...

I love the blue walls with the white floor and subtle touches of Americana! Click, screen grab! I'm putting this one in the "dream house" file. xx

Kate Newsom said...

digging the marine-i-er blue and rustier red of the third one. Thanks, fb

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