That's a wrap

December 4, 2012

It's that time of year again when I pull up this picture of Martha Stewart's craft rooms in one of her (many) homes and drool and slobber on myself.  It sure isn't pretty... I mean, the order!!! The room!!! the color coded-ness of it all.  Plopping down on the ground to start the annual traditional of holiday gift wrapping on the floor with satin ribbon stashed under the bed & wrapping paper co-mingling with extra wallpaper in the coat closet beside my golf clubs and tool box,  I know Martha would be mortified. 
Martha Stewart's Craft Room
You guys get it, right?? I mean in 400 square feet. A wrapping "station" as they call it in decorating speak, much less a whole room to crafts + wrapping isn't high on the list.   There's only that one day in the December when the prosecco is poured and the Fa La La Lifetime movies come on and I spend all day hunkered on the ground trying to gift wrap that I covet this space.  

If I could do create one, it'd have a standing table like this...


And a comfy sofa like this...with more of this feel than the "everything matches" way.  

Ok ok but the other 364 days of the year when I am not gift wrapping all day, I need of this sort of set up.
Decor 8
Or this in a nook somewhere... (ps hilar cat) 

Still not sure you have the space? Something like this would work nicely too.

Home Decorators

or wall mount ... 

Or this...And I'd have brown banner paper on it or stark white.  None of that twee stuff.  Brown or white and call it a day. 

Live large!


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