Doing Good Product Round Up

December 17, 2012

After the terrible Sandy Hook massacre a week ago, the holiday spirit has dimmed and I've found solace under the covers.  That said,  the best way to combat evil is to shine a light on GOOD things going on so this Friday's Doing Good Shout Out goes to  Salvation Army.  

The day after Thanksgiving, you start to hear them as they ring bells outside of shops for their Red Kettle Campaign.  Want to know their story? Here goes....

"Doing The Most Good" sums up the mission of The Salvation Army. The organization operates 7,593 centers in the United States, providing food distribution, disaster relief, drug and alcohol rehabilitation, anti-human trafficking efforts and a wealth of children's programs. Its traditional Red Kettle Campaign is an integral part of the Christmas season, with millions of dollars donated each year to the needy. Nearly 30 million people received help from The Salvation Army in 2011, and the magnitude of the mission to aid communities throughout the United States still remains great.

JCP has partnered with Salvation Army to make a difference this holiday season. 

The Salvation Army's Red Kettle Campaign started in 1891 with Captain Joseph McFee, who got the idea to hang a crab pot on the wharf requesting donations for food to provide Christmas dinner to needy families. This year, jcp cares offers two ways to continue this tradition. You can round up your in-store purchase to the nearest dollar or donate your spare change to the red kettles outside our stores. Your contributions will benefit The Red Kettle Campaign and continue the spirit of giving.  

So you can shop + feel good about it. 

And if you want to donate to the Sandy Hook community,  click here to support Newton Youth & Family Service offering counseling & support.    

Live large, 


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