The 21" Dining Room Table

November 28, 2012

Like Jackie O's famous tour of the White House over 50 years ago, I'm opening up about how I host dinner parties in my small home.   Some gals dream of Paris fashions or serious shoes, I dream of dining rooms.  In my fantasy life, this is my table that I am serving beef bourgninon for a fun motley crew of 20. 

In reality, my Ikea lack table I bought seven years ago as a temporary fix is my actual table-all 21" inches of it.   I always meant to replace it and have hunted every flea market, every High Point furniture market show but like George Clooney, I just can't commit.  Sooooo, this little bit of lacquered plywood has to work hard.

I turn my office desk into the buffet for the food and give out rattan trays I picked up at Nantucket for a buck.  The trays are circa 1985 but do help guests since they can't eat off my little Lack.  
Being a good southerner, dinner can't be served without pretty linen (preferably monogrammed) dinner napkins and sterling flatware or my new fave gold.  (West Elm and Calvin Klein Home have cool, affordable versions).  

Another sign of my southern heritage and prop styling background is the crazy amount of plates I own but my all time favorites are white porcelain plates rimmed in gold. Keepin' it simple is hard to beat. 

Another key??  Since the big table isn't to be, focus on the details like cool serveware. 

And I try to add a few cool touches to the small things like flowers in ice cubes or cool salt shakers. 

Another plus?? Lots and lots of unscented candles.  Everywhere.   The key?  Make sure they are unscented or your guests will hate you.

Moment to avoid?  Someone actually opening my hallway closet (also my gift closet, holiday storage and gift wrap station) to find that it all comes tumbling out on them so add a movable coat rack that can live in the hallway for the night.  Patient neighbors are a plus too. 

Movable Coat Rack

The Aftermath


Live large, 



Mary Jane McCarty said...

Sounds Delightful and COZY!! said...

ha! cozy is the word, Mary Jane! Sure hope life is great! Happy holidays!

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