Entertaining for the Crowds (with little wiggle room)

Gourmet Magazine 2009
When friends offer up why they never entertain at home, they frequently blame it on the size of their kitchen.  Bemoaning the lack of counter space and heck, even a full size refrigerator in many cases, they settle for group dining in restaurants instead. But isn't there something so special and so fun about being asked to come over to someone's house (condo, apartment, dorm room) for dinner?  To inspire you to get over it and send those invitations out for a home cooked meal in your small home, here are five of my favorite small kitchens.  

Small Kitchen #1  My all time favorite never fail cook book author, Ina Garten's NYC kitchen is (shocker) small. The Barefoot Contessa says "I love a smaller kitchen for it's efficient."     And we love YOU, Ina.

Small Kitchen #2   Woooza!  So chic... This could be called the happy hidden kitchen (goodbye appliances).   All the kitchen clutter is hidden away making it feel streamlined and modern.  And talk about cool lights...

Small Kitchen #3  Check out this tiny, lovely kitchen in a 500 square feet apartment.   Love the lone pop of yellow in the otherwise stark white design works.

Small Kitchen #4    The only thing this bite size kitchen needs is a handsome wood choppin' plaid flannel shirt wearing chef in it. 

Small Kitchen #5  Interior Designer Jessica Helgerson's own house oozes Portland design.  When can I move in?

Check this out,  The Leonard Lopate Show: Melissa Clark's Thanksgiving Shortcuts - WNYC, from NY Times Columnist Melissa Clark for the big meal including cooking in a small kitchen.

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