What's cooking in the kitchen?

August 2, 2011

On the hunt for new recipes, I stumbled upon this lovely blog, Big Girls, Small Kitchen, perfectly suited to us small kitchen folks.  Here's the skinny on them:

Aren't they adorable?  And good for them for finding joy in starter apartment kitchens.  (Besides, while I may not be in my 20s anymore and I've lived in five or so apartments, the kitchen doesn't seem to be getting much bigger from my first walk up.) Who says you have to have a kitchen island and every tool known to man to produce great food anyway?  As a design nut, I'm always interested in how folks use and organize their cooking space. Here's how they did theirs:

(I agree with Phoebe's love of her Le Creuset). 

I, too, have only 1 drawer so understand how thrilled she must be with her new kitchen.   Thanks for the inspiration, girls! 

Live large, 



Miss B. said...

This is really inspiring, I now feel like I have a gigantic kitchen in comparison and will not be so glum because I have six drawers (I am basically Trump!).


Miss B.

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