Supper's Served

August 1, 2011

Maybe it's too much time reading Food & Wine, Saveur and Food Network but I can't get out of the kitchen.   With the best of summer on sale at the green market, it's the time of year that I crave friends hanging out on the sofa drinking Arnold Palmers and eating tomato pie + ice cream sandwiches.   Luckily, friends have been humoring me to join the summer feast so I have reason to break out the cooking guns.  Saturday, my market basket was brimming with scallops (for ceviche), corn (for corn pudding) and tomatoes (for bruschetta or BLTs or tomato pie or gazpacho - I can't decide).  The problem with this kind of cooking is when the party is over and I'm faced with a random mix of foods in the fridge. What's a girl gonna do?  

She's going to go over to gojee for a frugal chef's answer to a prayer.  This ingenious site allows you to plug in what's in that fridge or kitchen cabinet then scans all the blogs and sites for recipes to use what you have.  You can even link up to your grocery store card so it knows what you're buying. Really hate one ingredient?  It lets you list so you won't get sent any recipes with that ingredient.  For this techno newbie, it's like Bourne Identify meets Julia Childs.  Happy Cooking!

Live large, 



Kirsten said...

such a great idea! I love it.

Cassy said...

Thanks for sharing the link and I will be checking it out as well.

Great post.

Cassy from Guitar Made Easy

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