Spring Fling

April 13, 2011

Not to harp on the weather or anything but it's raining (again) and gray all day (again) but I am focused forward. Hometown fellow expats in the city are coming over on Sunday so I'm making my grocery list and making my plan.

 Number 1 on my "must serve list"? Bloodys!
 My all time favorite Bloody Mary mix is a game day concoction that Uncle Wally (who isn't my real Uncle) makes up.  His has a serious kick and a lethal level of booze and is oddly delicious.  My mom took left over mix one day and put it into a mold to serve as aspic on Sunday. One bite could kill a cat.  Sunday morning aspic made from left over Saturday bloody mix is a terrible idea.   But McClure's served midday with cheese straws, laughing with friends is very, very good one.

Step 1:  Serve delish Bloodys from McClure's Mix.

Add some fried chicken, devil eggs and ham biscuits and call it a day.  


Step 2:  Distract from dusty apartment with stunning daffodil arrangement.  Not sure if this will work but if I serve enough McClure's it definitely will.   One large mass of daffodils stops traffic.  At least when I am driving.  


Step 3:  Add a little something something to the placesetting.
Write names on eggs then drop in egg cups.

Instant Placecards-CHECK!

Step 4:  Add the tunes.

Mumford & Sons seems to be on repeat these days.


Live large,



JT said...

Ok, checking the noted music out today! The album cover looks interesting

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