Party Perfect

April 12, 2011

If God is in the details then God would love my new fave party site, Shop Sweet Lulu.  Full of colorful, cheerful packaging, I get giddy thinking about buying them out.  For you folks putting together Easter baskets or spring parties, get a load of this:

Over sized balloons make an instant party. 

Festive cupcake liners that come in a range of colors.

Food cones that would also be pretty filled with party favors. 

Ice cream cups... Love. So. Much. 

Long candles that kick the pants off the supermarket variety. 

Gingham bags, I mean, how CUTE are these ??? 

But if you aren't a gingham gal, then consider the solids. 

Paper straws in huge range of colors.  Again, how CUTE are these?  

Live large, 


JT said...

You are simply amazing Franced! I need you to help host my parties!

Winston said...

Frances, you are in trouble! I am literally obsessed. I just spent $200 on this website. I love it! Thank you Thank you for introducing me!!!

Frances said...

Send me pic of what you do with your goodies, Winston!

The Smiths in NYC said...

your blog is just like a magazine, but free!! Ha ha ha... love it all!!!

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