Wacky Settes

March 14, 2011

In a world full of  beige interiors and rooms devoid of personality, I'm celebrating those colorful settes that can fit into a small space and add just the right dose of cheer.  Most aren't hard on the wallet and bring serious fun to the room.

Case in point, the Kiss created by Hellar Studio 65 and it can be used indoors or out.  Made with resin and is the little sister to the famous 1971 design "Bocca" sofa.  $800

Not one to stand blushing in the color, this is one piece that demands attention. J. Roaman creates patchwork pieces with loads of color and cheer. 

Right on trend, this small sofa brings a hit of ethnicity to an interior place but in a way that's easy to design around.  Made with a dhurrie rug so no two pieces are exactly alike it creates a sense of world travel. 

Certainly no wallflowers, this sofette would bloom in a boring space.  Who needs to look at flowers when you can sit on them?

Even Louie would like this updated version to his french settee.  The modern fabric feels really fresh and pairs well with the traditional frame. 

Live large,


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