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March 3, 2011

Today, I'm sending out a shout out to several resources that are cool for small square dwellers.   The first is a genius idea for art lovers.  Artiscle is a cool new start up that allows folks to rent original fine art in style of netflix.  Perhaps it's studio living but staring at the same pictures day after day does get old no matter how much you once loved it.   People pay $50 a month to rent pieces from up and coming artists.  Want something different after six months?  Exchange it, no problems.

It's always funny to me to hear people say that they would entertain more (or at all) if their kitchen was bigger.  Truth is, great parties can come from small kitchens.  James Beard, American chef and food writer who cultivated the gourmand movement in the USA, lived in a tiny apartment smaller than mine and lead a catering company from his bathtub.  He wasn't waiting for the marble endless countertop and Viking stove to appear.  Another gal who doesn't squash her cooking due to her small space is Jennifer C from Tiny Urban Kitchen.  Someone get this gal a TV show!  What she does in her tiny abode makes my mouth water and flushes all the "my kitchen isn't big enough" excuses down the toilet.

And her yummy dish posted today... 

Everyone who lives in a small space needs to invest in these books. They're all on amazon and you may be able to find them at your local book shop.  Sir Terence Conran is a voice to listen to.  His smart ideas on limited square foot living aren't new. He's been studying/developing/writing about this for years.
Happy Reading!

Live large, 


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