A Step Up

March 18, 2011

Being 5"5 means that I'm always one or two inches to short to reach the top shelves. I'm forever indebted to my stepstool for taking me up on a notch in life.  They are a tool that most of us need yet don't get much play.

The Container Store sells a favorite, "Slim Folding Step Stool" that's perfectly situated for tiny apartments.

Organize.com is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the iconic Kik Step Stool that was created for libraries and taken over the home as well. 
Amazon's rubbermaid version is sturdy and also folds away when not needed. 

Stacks and Stacks has one that really takes a gal to another level.  That third step will take a gal to a whole new stratosphere.  

Leave it to MoMA to offer a ladder both chic and practical.  It is good looking enough to leave out as decor without risking eye sore.

Live large, 


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