Laundry Night

February 7, 2011

Mondays.  Oh Mondays.

Mondays bring the week's to do list.  Top of mine? Laundry.  At the Gift Show, I found several things that might make the task if not more fun, at least easier. 

Toss Design has a divided storage unit. It's good for many things like keeping toys in a playroom, storing sports equipment by the back door or as laundry bin.  This cool bin would also be helpful in the laundry room with one side for clothing to "donate" and the other side for things that need "repairing." 

 Check out these over sized totes from Dransfield and Ross.  Already labeled, these pretty yet practical totes give instant organization to the laundry room.

Has the pile of dirty clothes reached epic levels?  Check out this large bin on casters made from vintage heavy duty canvas from Vagabond.  It'll handle everything you throw at it.

French Laundry Home created their version of a laundry basket using vintage linen that's marked lights/darks/dry clean.  With a top on each basket, it's a nice option because no one will see your dirty laundry.

Now, if only the clothes would wash themselves....

Live large, 


sarah said...

thank you, I needed this! where to put the hamper is the biggest challenge in our tiny studio. Finally a few I don't mind leaving out. Gives new meaning to the term airing your dirty laundry.

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