Best in Show

February 8, 2011

Ok, small space dwellers.... I found a product for us!  New for this Spring/Summer is a dual planter meets grill from Black & Blum.  Crazy sounding, I know, but it works.

Here is a shot of a rosemary herb plant in a familiar traditional pot but see the hole at the bottom?  That is where the tongs for the grill are kept.  The top of the planter comes off and the grill appears for sudden barbecuing on the patio.

With the top off, it looks like a small charcoal grill.  During the week, it gives beauty as a planter and on the weekends, it can become grilling central.  Isn't this great?

This company has other really unique products. Here are 2 other faves.  One coming out in May is the grown up "lunchbox".  It's got everything you need for lunch with a handle, to boot, all for $24.

This dish dryer folds down and is flexible to hold your best glass upside perfectly.  It's also got that modern design vibe so it doesn't feel like your mom's version.   

Keep your eye on this smart company as they are on the rise.

Live large,


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