80 flashbacks

February 22, 2011

Perhaps the telly was on a bit too long this weekend.  I stumbled upon TV Land old episodes and found myself laughing out loud.  They just don't make shows like this anymore.  Having grown up on the magic trio of Good Times (Dy-no-mite) .....

And the gang from What's happening! (Where's Shirley??)

And the best of the best.... Redd Fox on Sanford and Son (Hey Lamott), it's hard to be satisfied with say.... One Tree Hill.

Best bet of the day??  I found the trio for sale on amazon.

Oh I miss you so, Mr. Foxx.   Check out all the tee shirts and find your favorite.  

Doesn't get better than this!

Live large, 


The Smiths in NYC said...

Janet Jackson was sooo cute in GOOD TIMES. My sister and I used to watch this show everday after school with a bowl of nachos, GOOD TIMES.

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